Utility Billing

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Utility billing for water services is completed monthly. Currently, only properties within Sherwood Industrial Park receive water services.

Should you require water services, please contact the Public Works Department for more information.

The RM of Sherwood Water Bylaw No. 04/24 provides the regulations for water billing and water billing rates.

Currently, the water utility rates as set out in Bylaw No. 04/24 are as follows:

Schedule A

1. Application for water service is $50.00 plus the meter deposit as per the size of the meter currently installed in the existing building.

2. The deposit for a water meter shall be as follows:

  • 5/8 in meter = $420.00
  • ¾ inch meter = $462.00
  • 1 inch meter = $562.00
  • 1 1/2 inch meter = $680.00
  • 2 inch meter = $1,035.00
  • 3 inch meter = $1,741.00
  • 4 inch meter = $2,450.00
  • Temporary Hydrant Connection = $2,500.00

3. The following rates shall apply for turning on water which was shut off at the request of the water customer or for non-payment of accounts:

a. $150.00 for each reinstatement and/or re-connection fee.


Schedule B

The rates and charges as set out below are effective as for the first meter reading or estimate of the current year and apply to all consumption since the last meter reading on the prior year.

Meter SizeWater Base Rate
16 mm$109.00
19 mm$145.33
25 mm$166.75
40 mm$244.78
50 mm$321.78
75 mm$513.33
100 mm$688.08

Plus the Infrastructure Development Fee, which is $78.00 + the addition of Consumption charges, which is$10.25 per Cubic Meter.

Therefore, utility billing charges are derived from the following formula:

Infrastructure Development Fee + Water Base Rate + (Charge per Cubic Meter x Cubic Meters Consumed) = Utility Billing Amount

Water meters are read once per month and water billing is completed at the beginning of each month. Payments for utility charges are due at the end of each month, with interest charges being applied to accounts that have not submitted payment by the due date.