SEL 33 Water Outage

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Dated February 25,2022 UPDATE:

The water service at the Kronau pumphouse is working again however not fully repaired.  All water subscribers have water service now however we are using a bypass function because not all of our pumps are fully operational.  We ask that all subscribers use water as needed, but try not to use more than required until full service is restored.  We are waiting for parts to arrive and will inform you when full service can resume.

Sherwood Edenwold Lajord 33 Public Utility Board

Dated February 24,2022: Information Bulletin to all subscribers

Please be aware that SEL33PUB has experienced a major pipe failure in the Kronau pumphouse this morning.  Repair contractors are currently on site making the necessary repairs.  There is no estimated time for water service to resume at this point in time.  We are hopeful the necessary repairs can be completed soon.

Sherwood Edenwold Lajord 33 Public Utility Board