Regina Airport Authority Board of Directors Applicants

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The Authority is responsible for all operational and financial management of the Regina Airport and the management, development and operation of the Airport Properties in a safe, secure, efficient, cost effective and financially viable manner.

The Authority will generate, suggest and participate in economic development projects intended to expand Saskatchewan’s transportation facilities.

Note: No person appointed to the authority can hold a municipal, provincial or federal elected or appointed office, or be employed by any level of government on a full-time basis directly or under contract.

Terms of Reference:

The Board’s primary responsibility is to foster the long term success of the Authority, consistent with its responsibilities to the communities it serves. The Board functions as the steward of the Authority and has statutory authority and the legal obligation to oversee the affairs and business of the Authority.


The Board has a minimum of eleven and a maximum of thirteen members as fixed by the Board from time to time by resolution.

Federal, provincial and municipal elected officials are not eligible to be a member of the Board.

Meeting Frequency:

Members hold office for a period of three years following their appointment. The Board meets at the call of the chair or any two directors.

Term Limit:

This remaining term will be for approximately 2 years until replaced at the Members’ Meeting held in 2025.
3-year Terms, limited to 3 Terms for Lifetime.

The Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 is one of the nominating bodies to the Regina Airport Authority Board of Directors.

Notice is hereby given that applications for one (1) position on the Regina Airport Authority Board of Directors will be accepted by the Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 from Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 until 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2023.

If you are interested in submitting an application for the Regina Airport Authority Board of Directors, please submit your expression of interest to Christine Trithardt, Manager of Administration by email to

All applications received will be reviewed by Council of the Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 at the May 10, 2023 Council Meeting.