Waste Management & Environmental Services

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Solid Waste Management

Ratepayers within the R.M. may take solid waste to the City of Regina Landfill for disposal. Ratepayers may submit their landfill fees to the R. M. for full reimbursement per calendar year, (January 1,2023 – December 31,2023) up to a yearly maximum of $150 per household.   No reimbursement will be made on slips outside of the current calendar year. Please include the original receipt along with your name and mailing address when submitting landfill fees for reimbursement. A cheque will then be mailed to you during the regular monthly payment of accounts.


The R.M. receives numerous complaints of various articles of garbage and waste being left on municipal roads, in ditches and on private lands within in the R. M. Littering is illegal across Saskatchewan as per The Litter Control Act; fines start at $500 and increase upon subsequent offenses.

The accumulation of litter throughout the R. M. is a needless costly expense to clean up; if you witness litter being left within the R. M., take note of the license plate, take pictures if possible, and call the R. C. M. P. immediately.

Help put polluters in their place

Septic Systems – Important Information for Homeowners

Saskatchewan Onsite Wastewater Management Association regularly receives calls from homeowners looking for information on having a septic system designed, installed, maintained or inspected.  In response to those requests, they have created a homeowner information sheet covering the most frequently asked questions.

SOWMA Flyer for Homeowners 2020

Further information is always available by contacting their office or online at www.sowma.ca