Transportation Permits

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In order to apply for transportation permits please call Roadata at 1-844-232-7275.

You may also visit their website: to sign up for a free account.

More information on online permit applications through Roadata can be found here:

Appendix C of Bylaw No. 01/20

R.M. of Sherwood No. 159 Vehicle Permit Fee Schedule

Permit prices set by the R.M. of Sherwood No. 159 shall not exceed the amount determined by the minister, Section 36.1(2) of The Highways and Transportation Act, 1997.

Businesses Located and operating within the RM of SherwoodExternal Business Owner & Operator outside of the RM of Sherwood
(January 1st – December 31st)
$100.00 per unit$200.00 per unit
Annual Fleet Pricing
(eligible for minimum fleet of 10)
Single Load
(Valid for three (3) consecutive days)
$50.00 per unit$50.00 per unit
Single Load during Spring Road Ban
(Valid for three (3) consecutive days)
$100.00 per unit$100.00 per unit

Businesses Located and Operating in the RM of Sherwood.

All businesses located and operating in the RM of Sherwood will be eligible for the rates identified above and may be required to accurately sign an eligibility declaration.


All haulers eligible for a “farm plate” through SGI will be required to obtain Vehicle Permits however will be exempt from the Vehicle Permit Fee.  Haulers eligible for the exemption may be required to accurately sign an eligibility declaration.

Eligible Permits:

Primary Permit

This permit is for all vehicles hauling more than the allowed municipal and/or secondary weights up to primary weights as shown in Saskatchewan Weight and Dimension Regulations, 2014.  Permits are restricted to non-divisible loads as per Bylaw 01/20.

Overweight Permit

Consideration will be given for vehicles that are registered to haul more than Primary Weight on RM roads that meet all the regulations for hauling a designated weight, according to SGI and the Saskatchewan Trucker’s Guide 2019.

This will be a single load permit only and if any road damage is done due to the haul, the owner of the Company or permit holder will be responsible for the repair of the RM road.

Over Dimensional Permit:

Consideration will be given for vehicles that are over dimension to travel on or over RM roads. The RM will determine the route within the RM for all over dimensional loads.