Snow Removal

The R. M. of Sherwood snow removal program is implemented through the use of a snow plow/sanding truck as well as three (3) graders; which are outfitted with front plows and side wings.

When dealing with ice and snow covered roads, the R.M. of Sherwood uses an environmentally friendly liquid melting product to compliment the traditional use of granular rock salt. When snow fall hits, the priority of which roads are cleared first is based on which roads are most travelled; for example, paved roads such as Armour Road, Inland Drive, Pasqua Street North and Tower Road will be cleared first, school bus routes will be cleared secondly with the two (2) graders. Snow clearing efforts begin after one (1) to two (2) inches of snow accumulates on paved roads, and when three (3) to four (4) inches of snow accumulates on gravel roads.

Through our best efforts, all roads within the municipal boundaries of the R.M. of Sherwood will be cleared within 48 hours, or as conditions allow. Should you come across particularly treacherous road conditions, please contact the Public Works Department so crews can be sent out as soon as possible.