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Ratak or Contrac are free for ratepayers.

If you need Ratak or Contrac, please pre-order by phoning the Municipal Office at 306-525-5237.


Gopher Control Rebate Program

The purpose of the Gopher Control Program is to provide financial assistance to rural municipalities (RMs) and First Nations, south of the Northern Administrative District, to control ground squirrels (Richardson’s, Franklin’s, thirteen-lined and the Northern pocket gopher) populations, referred as to gophers in their respective jurisdictions.

The RM of Sherwood does not carry any gopher poison; however, ratepayers can purchase product on the list of registered gopher control products from any vendor.
Below are a couple of 2023 prices that have been received.


GWP Rodent Products in Moose Jaw

22.7kg Bag – Price $247 plus taxes

9kg Pail – Price $134 plus taxes


EcoPest Products through SARM

22.7kg Bag – Price $256.37 plus taxes

9kg Pail – Price $138.51 plus taxes


Anyone claiming through the GCP can claim for eligible products purchased prior to the start of the GCP (April 1) as long as the product was used by the July 31 claim deadline.  Ratepayers can apply for assistance; they do not claim directly to SARM but rather are required to apply through the RM where the Administrator will also complete and sign ‘PART 4 – RM or First Nation Certification’ and forward all claim information onto SARM.

Ratepayers will need to submit their receipts along with the attached claim form.  The program will rebate:

  1. Up to 50 per cent of registered gopher control product expenses (less any taxes with verified invoices
  2. As part of a non-chemical means to increase predation in the vicinity of gopher infestations, the use of raptor platforms and nest boxes are eligible for
    Raptor platform materials installed this program year at 50 per cent of eligible cost (less any taxes with verified invoices) to a maximum rebate of a $125.