Dust Control

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The RM of Sherwood Dust Control program is regulated by the Dust Control Policy. As indicated in the policy, certain gravel roads within the RM will receive dust control during the summer months. Additional application of dust control products is available to residents on a user pay basis.

Dust control is meant to control dust on the roadways, not to eliminate it completely. When dust control products are applied, the substance will adhere to the gravel surface. These products retain moisture (from rain, humidity), which weighs down the dust particles, making them less likely to become airborne after a vehicle has passed over the area. Dust control should last for one summer season. However under extended dry periods with minimal or no moisture, these products will not be able to perform as well and residents may notice a slight increase in airborne dust. This does not mean that these products are not functioning properly, as the end result will be better than areas where the product has not been applied.

Residents that wish to apply for additional dust control must pay by cheque or cash in person at the Municipal Office located at 4400 Campbell Street, Regina, SK. All orders must be placed by June 1st of each year, this is for budgetary and logistics reasons. It is costly and time consuming to have equipment traveling all over the RM after large regions of the RM have been covered. The cost of the dust control to residents varies slightly from year to year depending on the cost of the product from the distributor and the cost of application.  The cost of Dust Control for 2022 is $1,000.00 plus GST and PST.  Additional dust control can be provided, the cost is $334.00 plus GST and PST for every 50-meter addition.

The dust control program does not begin until the weight restrictions have been lifted by the Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure. This is typically around the end of May, however due to ground conditions, these restrictions could stay in place for extended periods. The Public Works Department will apply the dust control product as quickly as possible, however dust control cannot be applied in rainy conditions or to a saturated road surface; this may cause some delays depending on weather conditions.

Any dust control disturbed by road preparations (grading, gravel application) for the annual gravel program will be re-applied if required. If there are a large number of potholes in an area where dust control has been applied the road may require re-grading. In these instances dust control will not be re-applied.

2022 Dust Control Policy

Dust Control Application

2022 Dust Control Map