Dust Control

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The RM of Sherwood Dust Control Program is set by the Dust Control Policy No. 2023-04. Certain gravel roads within the RM that are either dedicated for over dimension loads or receive an average traffic count of 200+ vehicles per day will receive dust control.  The RM will provide dust control at no charge to ratepayers along these certain gravel roads where an active residence/dwelling is located within 150 meters from the roadway.

Requests for dust control for any site without an active residence/dwelling and/or not meeting the criteria above may be made by application to the RM at the cost of the ratepayer/resident.

Dust control is intended to reduce dust on the roadways, not to eliminate it completely. When dust control products are applied, the substance will adhere to the gravel surface. These products retain moisture (from rain, humidity), which weighs down the dust particles, making them less likely to become airborne after a vehicle has passed over the area.

The cost of the dust control to residents varies slightly from year to year depending on the cost of the product from the distributor and the cost of application.

  • The cost of dust control for 2024 is $1,334.82 plus GST & PST will include 150 meters of application.
  • Additional dust control can be purchased at a cost of $657.22 plus GST & PST for every 50-meter addition.


The type of dust control suppressant utilized will be determined by the RM in its sole discretion.

The RM will determine the appropriate timing to apply the dust control suppressant.

2023-04 Dust Control Policy

2024 Dust Control Map based on S. 3.2 of Policy

Dust Control Application-2024