Zoning Certificates / Compliance

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What is a Zoning Compliance Certificate?

A zoning compliance certificate or confirmation letter is a document outlining the zoning, building information, and permit history of an individual property.  The purpose of such certificates is to convey important information to potential purchasers or other interested parties of site development standards, building compliance, and permitted/discretionary uses within the applicable zoning district(s).  Any interested party (i.e. property owner, property purchaser, real estate agent, lawyer or lending institution) can apply for a Zoning Compliance Certificate.

What information does a Zoning/Compliance certificate include?

  • Identification of the zoning district in which a property is located, including a brief description of the intent of the zoning district.
  • A list of permitted/discretionary uses for the applicable zoning district
  • Building history, including all building and development permits which have been issued to the property from the R.M. office.
  • Confirmation that building setbacks, yard sizes, frontage, etc. are compliant with relevant municipal bylaws.
  • Any other items that are deemed important which may be contained within the file.


To request a Zoning/Compliance certificate, or if you have any questions please contact the Planning & Development department at (306) 985-9414 or by emailing planning@rmofsherwood.ca.