Planning Service Fees Schedule (Bylaw 02/20)

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Office Services
Request for Land Title Document$25.00
Request for Plan of Subdivision$15.00
Zoning Certificate/Compliance Letter$130.00
Permitted Use Development Permit Application$200.00
Permitted use Development Permit Application – Accessory Use$165.00
Discretionary Use Development Permit Application$495.00
Discretionary Use Development Permit Application – Accessory Use$440.00
Building Permit ApplicationBuilding Inspector Service Fee (VOC)
+ RM 15% Service Fee
+ SARM Maintenance Fee
= Building Permit Fee
Building Move/Demolition Permit Application$200.00
Minor Variance$155.00
Development Appeal$300.00
Planning Amendments
Zoning Bylaw Text Amendment$605.00 + advertising costs
Zoning Bylaw Map Amendment – up to 2 parcels$605.00 + advertising costs
Zoning Bylaw Map Amendment – 3 or more parcels$990.00 + advertising costs
Official Community Plan Amendment$990.00 + advertising costs
Third Party Costs
Public Notification Requirements – Advertising & Notifying StakeholdersAs determined per occurrence
Engineering, Legal or other professional expertise necessary to review an application
and/or implement Council’s decision, including preparing agreements
As determined per occurrence
Viewing per parcel Land Titles and Plans of Subdivision on properties associated with
the proposed Development, Amendment or Subdivision
As determined per occurrence
Registration of an interest on Title of the property proposed for Development, Amendment
or Subdivision as prescribed by Information Services Corporation (Land Titles)
As determined per occurrence