Official Community Plan Amendment Application

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OCP Amendment Application

The RM of Sherwood’s Official Community Plan (OCP) was created to plan for and accommodate several decades of development. This helps to manage infrastructure and community services in a responsible way, while ensuring complementary land uses.  However, sometimes an opportunity arises for land that is not yet designated for development. In these instances, individuals may apply to council with a proposal to amend the OCP and accommodate certain developments.

Official Community Plan Amendment Applications must include…

  1. A completed OCP amendment application, as specific as possible. This includes evidence of legal ownership or a letter of authorization from the landowner(s).
  2. A Letter of intent describing what the amendment intends to accomplish, including rationale for the amendment and the benefits to the community.
  3. Applicable fees in accordance with Planning Service Fee Schedule payable at the time of application.
  4. A preliminary concept plan which includes the overall geographic/topographic context, community characteristics, nearby landmarks, rationale for changing land designation, overall vision of proposed development, site plans, servicing strategy, drainage patterns, transportation accesses, and a timeframe in which development will be implemented.

Application review may not begin until all required information is provided and the application fee is received. The Average rezoning process takes 2-4 months depending on the complexity of the proposed Bylaw and the scheduled Council meeting dates.  Ministerial approval of the bylaw can take an additional 4-8 weeks after the Municipal processes are completed.  Zoning changes in the Joint Planning Area are subject to discussions with the City of Regina, potentially adding several weeks between initial application and public hearing process.

The RM of Sherwood encourages any person(s) who would like to amend the OCP to contact the Planning & Development Department to discuss proposed amendments and application requirements.

OCP amendment Process:

Amending the OCP requires a legal process to create a bylaw amendment, as per the regulations within The Planning & Development Act, 2007.  When a rezoning application is submitted to the RM office the Planning & Development department will conduct a review to ensure that it complies with all RM planning policies—such as the Zoning Bylaw and the Official Community Plan.  If the application has merit and complies with relevant polices the department will create a report for council recommending the bylaw for consideration.

Public Notice:

If council passes a motion to support the OCP amendment during the First Reading, the public notification process begins.  The applicant shall be required to cover costs of advertisements in the local newspaper for at least two (2) consecutive weeks prior to the next Council meeting. Members of the public will have the opportunity to discuss the proposed bylaw with RM planning staff prior to the public hearing date, and all written comments will be recorded for Council’s consideration during the public hearing.

Public Hearing:

Public hearings are held at the beginning of regular scheduled Council meetings @ 5:30PM on the second Wednesday of each month.   During the hearing members of the public will be able to support or speak against the proposed bylaw and observe Council proceedings.  After the public hearing is closed, Council will conduct 2nd and 3rd readings, making the decision to support or reject the rezoning application.

If the Bylaw is passed, a copy of the bylaw and relevant information package is sent to the Community Planning Branch for Ministerial approval.  Once the Bylaw has received Ministerial Approval, it is officially in effect.  If a Bylaw application is denied, the applicant cannot appeal the decision.