Building Permits

As per Section 4 of the The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act, the R.M. of Sherwood is authorized to issue building permits and to inspect and approve building construction. Professional Building Inspections, Inc. (PBI) is the R. M. of Sherwood’s official building inspections agent, providing services throughout the construction process.  Applicants will be required to contact PBI during the building process for the designated inspections.

Building inspections are conducted to assess building construction conformity to the R. M. of Sherwood Building Bylaw, The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards ActRegulations, and Administrative Regulations as well as the National Building Code of Canada.

Please see below to determine if your project needs a building permit.

Building Permits Are Required:

  • To erect/construct a new building or structure including but not limited to garages (attached & detached), carports, decks (over 2 ft/600 mm above ground level), patios, porches, entrance steps, wheelchair ramps, retaining walls, swimming pools (including any device holding over 2 ft/60 mm of water), storage sheds and gazebos over 108 sq ft/10 sq m and mobile homes.
  • To renovate, repair, add onto, alter, or reconstruct an existing building or structure.
  • To develop all or part of a residential basement, recreation room, attic or install a fireplace or woodstove.
  • For any repairs which change or affect the structural nature of a building or structure.
  • For any work regulated by The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act and Regulations.
  • Temporary structures over 900 sq ft/84 sq m.

Building Permits Are Not Required For:

  • Fences (single & 2-family dwellings only), private sidewalks & driveways, planters (Fences are required to comply with zoning height restrictions).
  • Open decks under 2 ft/600 mm from ground level.
  • Painting, Cabinet work, decorating and laying carpet.
  • Replacing materials (eg: roofing or siding) or for cosmetic upgrades (eg: painting or flooring) not affecting structural integrity or life safety
  • Accessory Buildings and Structures (garden sheds, etc) that do not exceed 10m2, provided that minimum setback requirements are maintained (Bylaw No. 18/17).
  • Replacing doors and windows of the same size.

Although these items do not require a building permit, it is still necessary for these projects to comply with Building Code and Zoning requirements.

If your project does not fall into the two categories mentioned above, please contact the R.M. of Sherwood Planning & Development Department to inquire if your project requires a building permit.

To begin the building permit application process, applicants must complete and submit the

Development and Building Permit Application

Residential Permit Information & Required Forms

Commercial/Industrial Permit Information & Required Forms

Please note, the building value is determined by PBI after reviewing your application. Once the value of construction is determined PBI calculates the building permit fee. The R.M. adds a 15% administrative fee and invoices the applicant directly. Building permits will not be issued until the building permit fee is paid in full.

After you have received your building permit and before you begin building, it is highly advisable that you contact all utility companies as well as other companies that may be affected by your project.

Building Move & Building Demolition Permit Applications

As per the R. M. of Sherwood Building Bylaw, a Building Demolition or Building Move Permit is required prior to the decommissioning or removal of a building.

Building Move/Demolition Application

Fees owing include an administrative fee of $180.00 and a deposit to ensure full site restoration completion of demolition/removal. The site must be restored to such condition that it is not dangerous to public safety or unsightly, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer. Upon complete restoration of the site the applicant can request a full refund of the application deposit (Not including administrative fees).

Please note that demolition permits expire six (6) months after the date granted; however, permits may be renewed upon approval from the RM of Sherwood.

Building Bylaw

To find out more information about the Building Bylaw, please click here.