New Water Service Connection

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Approved Contractor List 2022

Sherwood Industrial Park – Servicing Conditions Instructions

Bylaw No. 17/17 A Bylaw to Regulate the Maintenance and Management of the Waterworks System

Bylaw No. 19-20 – Water Rates and Fees


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  • A map showing the location of the Development - General and detailed plans of the proposed work(s) - Photocopies of Contractor/Consultant's licenses in Saskatchewan - Other relevant documents.
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  • * Every person shall provide, at their own expense, a place in their premises for the installation of the meter, which shall be acceptable to the Utilities Operator, and shall provide ready and easy means of access to said meter for examination by the meter reader and shall at all times properly and efficiently protect the service pipes and fixtures from frost or other injury so that the meter shall not in any way be damaged. In case the Utilities Operator considers that any meter is insufficiently protected from the frost, he/she may cut off the water service until measures to their satisfaction have been taken for its protection.
  • Contractor must be approved to complete watermain connections by the RM of Sherwood. Subject to the other provisions of Bylaw No. 17/17 – A Bylaw to Regulate the Maintenance and Management of the Waterworks System, the number and location of meter(s) used to measure water consumption must be approved by the RM of Sherwood. 1) The owner of every premises shall provide for the installation of water meter(s): a) in a horizontal position, as required by the RM; b) allowing convenient access to the meter(s) at all times and with a clear space of at least 460 millimetres around the meter; 2) Where a water meter is connected to a separate curb stop, the meter may be located within the premises receiving water supply. 3) Where more than one water meter is connected to a single curb stop: a) all meters shall be located in a common area of the premises to which the public does not have access; b) each meter shall service one unit only and have an isolating valve, on the upstream side of the meter, capable of being locked by the RM. 3.1) In the event a single meter serves more than one unit, the owner of the premises may be placed in billing and may be responsible for each rented unit, as the Director of the RM may determine. 3.2) In the event the shut off valve at a premise is inaccessible to the RM for RM business, the owner of such premises may be placed in billing as the Director of the RM may determine. 3.3) If the RM determines that a person / Company who is not entitled to receive service due to an outstanding bill, the RM may refuse services or discontinue services to the property until all bills are paid in full. 3.4) Do not remove your old water system or make it unfunctional until the water meter has been installed and the RM’s water is circulating through the meter. Due to meter delivery delays, the installation of a water meter could take longer than expected. I/We hereby make application for the new water service connection at the premises stated above and agree to conform to all Legislation Rules, Regulations, Standards, Specifications and Bylaws applicable and to pay all applicable fees as per Bylaw No. 17/17 – A Bylaw to Regulate the Maintenance and Management of the Waterworks System. This information is collected under The Municipalities Act and will be protected under The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • If you require further information, please contact the RM of Sherwood No. 159. Phone: 306-525-5237 Email: For a Water Meter & Billing, please complete the Water Meter Service & Billing Application. Please visit our website at to complete this form.