Water Meter Service & Billing Application

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If you wish to download and fax in the Water Meter Service & Billing Application form, please click here.

Do not remove your old water system or make it unfunctional until the water meter has been installed and the RM’s water is circulating through the meter. Due to meter delivery delays, the installation of a water meter could take longer than expected.

Water Service Conditions & Schedule of Rates


  • Application Fee of $50.00 plus applicable Water Meter Deposit must accompany this completed application form.
  • Step Two: Connection Type Please indicate the type of property, type of connection and type of task you are planning to work on as per the choices provided below. Also, please indicate whether or not the use of the property is expected to change in terms of the business activity (ie: warehousing to manufacturing).
  • Step Three: Connection Details Please provide the address where the work is being performed along with the size of the water service pipe, size of the water meter requested, and the type of pipe material being used. Please note that if plastic pipe is being used, an ESA Certificate will be required. Proposed domestic water demand must be provided only for commercial, institutional and industrial water services as well as residential services greater than 25mm (1”). Any special instructions or comments can be further added at the bottom of the page.”
  • The domestic water demand will be based on the number of fixture units within the building and process water required for machinery or manufacturing (gpm or Lpm).
  • I/We hereby make application for the necessary extension of water supply at the premises stated above and agree to conform to all Legislation Rules, Regulations, Standards, Specifications and Bylaws applicable and to pay all applicable fees as per Bylaw No. 17/17 – A Bylaw to Regulate the Maintenance and Management of the Waterworks System. This information is collected under The Municipalities Act and will be protected under The Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.