Dust Control Application

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Dust Control Policy

In efforts to ensure public safety, quality of life and reduce road maintenance costs the municipal roads that are dedicated for over dimension loads and/or receive an average traffic count of 200+ vehicles per day.

Average daily traffic counts are based on the official counts conducted by the RM.

The type of dust control suppressant utilized will be determined by the RM in its sole discretion; however, consideration will be given to cost of application, durability/effectiveness, and environmental safety issues.

All requests for Dust Control suppressants that do not meet the principals of this policy will be subject to a fee of $1,000.00 plus GST & PST for 150 meters of dust suppressant.  The cost of $334.00 plus GST & PST for every 50-meter addition.

The RM will not guarantee the effectiveness of the dust control suppressant.  Once a dust control suppressant has been applied no refunds will be made.

The RM will determine the appropriate timing to apply the dust control suppressants.

The Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 will provide dust control at no charge along these certain gravel roads for rate-payers whose residence is within 150 meters (500’) from the roadway.

Dust Control suppressant will be applied to the following locations based on the criterial above and shown in the attached map:

The RM of Sherwood has certain gravel roads located within the Municipality that are either dedicated for over dimension loads or receive considerable daily traffic for commuting or for hauling of products to and from the City of Regina (200 vpd).  The R.M. of Sherwood will provide dust control at no charge along these certain gravel roads for rate-payers whose residence is within 150 meters (500’) from the roadway.

These locations which have been identified to receive dust control are shown on the attached map and listed in the table below;

Road From To Street Name # of Sites Length (m)
1 Rge Rd 2201 Sherwood Rd Pasqua St N. 1 800
2 Rge Rd 2195 City Limit Inland Dr Winnipeg St 1 800
3 Rge Rd 2191 HWY # 1 Twp Rd. 182 Tower Rd 3 150 (ea.) = 450
4 Twp Rd 170 Rge Rd 2190 Rge Rd 2192 Old 16 1 150 (ea.) = 150
5 Twp Rd 162 Rge Rd 2190 Rge Rd 2203 Rowatt Rd 9 150 (ea.) = 1,350
6 Rge Rd 2202 HWY # 1 Twp Rd 164 2 150 (ea.) = 300
7 Rge Rd 2203 Twp Rd 164 HWY # 1 Courtney 2 150 (ea.) = 300
8 Rge Rd 2211 Twp Rd 162 Twp Rd 164 OD South Route 1 150
9 Rge Rd 2212 Twp Rd 174 Twp Rd 182 Sherwood Forest Rd 2 150 (ea.) = 300
10 Grid Rd 730 Rge Rd 2213 Rge Rd 2214 Dewdney Ave 1 225
11 Rge Rd 2205 9th Ave N Twp Rd 184 Condie Rd 5 150 (ea.) = 750
12 Twp Rd 172 Pinkie Rd Courtney Ave. Hill Ave. 1 150
13 13th Ave. RM Shop 1 800
14 Rge Rd 2193 Inland Dr Twp Rd 182 1 800
15 Rge Rd 2193 Inland Dr Twp Rd 170 5 150 (ea.) = 750
16 Twp Rd 184 Rge Rd 2193 Rage Rd 2192 Twp Rd 184 2 225 (ea.) = 450
17 Rge Rd 2193 Inland Dr Twp Rd 184 1 1,200
18 Rge Rd 2213 Twp Rd 172 Twp Rd 174 2 150 (ea.) = 300
19 Rge Rd 2213 Twp Rd 182 Twp Rd 184 1 225
20 Rge Rd 2192 Twp Rd 164 Twp Rd 170 1 150
Road Haul Agreements 10,400 metres

The RM of Sherwood Dust Control program is regulated by the Dust Control Policy. Additional application of dust control products is available to residents on a user pay basis.

Dust control is meant to control dust on the roadways, not to eliminate it completely. When dust control products are applied, the substance will adhere to the gravel surface. These products retain moisture (from rain, humidity), which weighs down the dust particles, making them less likely to become airborne after a vehicle has passed over the area.

Residents may apply for additional dust control.  The cost of the dust control to residents varies slightly from year to year depending on the cost of the product from the distributor and the cost of application.

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