Delegation Requirements

Ratepayers, stakeholders and others wishing to speak to Council concerning matters pertinent to the R. M. of Sherwood may request to speak to Council as a delegation at a Council meeting.

As per the R. M. of Sherwood No. 159 Council Proceedings Bylaw No. 28/15, to speak to Council, the following procedure has been adopted:

21)  Delegations

  1. A person who wishes to speak to council on a matter for which a public hearing is not required shall provide an original, signed, written request to the administrator, which shall:
    (a) clearly set out the subject matter to be discussed and the request being made of council; and
    (b) include the following information:
    (i) the name, mailing address and electronic address of the spokesperson;
    (ii) the telephone number where the spokesperson can be reached during the day;
  2. A request to speak to council must be received by the administrator no later than the agenda deadline in order to be included on the council agenda.
  3. The administrator shall bring any request that is received after the agenda deadline to the attention of council and shall advise the person making the request that the delegation will not be considered by council unless the majority of members vote to allow the delegation within the motion to approve the agenda.
  4. Delegations speaking before council shall address their remarks to the stated business.
  5. Delegations are limited to speaking only once.
  6. Rebuttal or cross debate with other delegations is not permitted.
  7. Delegations are encouraged not to repeat information presented by an earlier delegation.
  8. Where there are numerous delegates taking the same position on a matter, they are encouraged to select a spokesperson to present their views collectively.
  9. A maximum of 10 minutes is allotted for each delegation to present its position of support or opposition, unless that time is extended by motion.
  10. The reeve shall, at the conclusion of 10 minutes, inform the delegation that the time limit is up.
  11. Delegations are not permitted to assume any unused time allocated to another delegation.
  12. Upon the completion of a presentation to council by a delegation, any discourse between members and the delegation is limited to members asking questions for clarification and obtaining additional, relevant information only.
  13. Members of council shall not enter into debate with the delegation respecting the presentation.
  14. Once a motion has been moved, no further representations or questions of the delegation are permitted.
  15. The administrator may refuse to accept a request to speak to council if council has, within the six months immediately preceding the request, already heard from the person and dealt with the same or substantially the same matter by resolution or bylaw.
  16. If a request to speak to council is refused pursuant to subsection (15), the administrator shall forward a copy of the request and the reply to members of council.


To submit a request to appear before Council as a delegation, please send a written request to:

R.M. of Sherwood No. 159

4400 Campbell Street

P.O. Box 40029 Grasslands PO

Regina, SK  S4W 0L3

Or fax your written request to:

Fax (306) 352-1760

Or e-mail your written request to: