City of Regina Waste Water Treatment Plant – Notice to Downstream Users

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The RM of Sherwood has been advised of the following by the City of Regina:

The City of Regina has made advancements in our wastewater sampling program to further protect the environment and our new Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City received final test results today from a June 28 sample of Wastewater Treatment Plant effluent that indicated a particular metal, vanadium, was above Discharge and Reporting Standards.

The Water Security Agency was notified and has confirmed the metal released is low risk. To ensure open communication between the City, residents and downstream users, we are notifying you about the metal substance level, with no action required.

These provincial reportable standards are in place to ensure awareness and encourage ongoing conversation with all affected parties to determine strategies to reduce any risks if there were long term discharges of this nature. The wastewater effluent leaving the City of Regina’s Wastewater Treatment Plant had the elevated metal for a short time period and long term exposure is not applicable for this situation.

Thank you.