Central Pole, Power Pole Inspections In the R.M. of Sherwood No. 159

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SaskPower contractors will be inspecting and performing maintenance on wood power poles near you. This work extends the life of our infrastructure, helps ensure reliable electricity for customers and saves money by reducing expensive emergency repairs. This year we will inspect almost 97,000 of our wood poles throughout the province.

Wood pole inspections involve looking for physical damage, potential signs of decay and carpenter ant infestation. Wherever possible the poles will be treated, repaired or reinforced. If a pole cannot be repaired or reinforced, it will be marked for replacement.

The contractor for this work is Central Pole Inspections and Maintenance Inc. This will take place starting June 12,2023 and plan to be in the area for approximately six weeks.

Crews will do their best to stay within the SaskPower right-of-way as much as possible. However, workers may need access to private property in certain cases. Contractors will wear high-visibility clothing and carry identification with them, and their vehicles will be marked with their company logo. No power outages are necessary for this work.

Their crews will be driving 1/2-ton and 3/4-ton trucks and side-by-side with their company name and logo (below) and phone number on each.

Information Sheet – SaskPower 2023 Wood Pole Maintenance Program

Information Sheet – SaskPower Biosecurity and Power Lines