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Nature Saskatchewan – Raising Awareness

Nature Saskatchewan runs the ” Stewards of Saskatchewan” suite of Programs. These programs work with the landowners throughout the province to monitor and support species at risk on the prairies. There are currently 1042 program participants conserving nearly 923,000 acres of habitat for species at risk. We are raising awareness…

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2023 Shelterbelt Program

2023 Subsidized Shelterbelt Program for RM’s and Ratepayers Please note that our program is available not only to ratepayer shelterbelt needs but to RMs for parks, resorts, hamlets within the R. M’s jurisdiction and also including but not limited to a wide range of environmental protection plantings associated with municipal…

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Important Notice to SEL 33 PUB Water Subscribers

To all subscribers on the Kronau – Riceton grid road and east: Please be advised that there is a planned water outage scheduled for tomorrow November 25th from 9:00 – 12:00 for maintenance. Those in Kronau will not be affected.

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White Butte RCMP reminds residents to lock vehicles, remove valuables when parked Property crime social Over the past month, White Butte RCMP has received a number of reports of thefts from parked vehicles. Items reported stolen include tools, personal identification, keys and garage door openers. In the majority of cases,…

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