Armour Road Temporary Median Crossing

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On March 26, 2021, the Ministry of Highways installed signs on Armour Road to let people know the crossing is temporary.  The situation at Armour Road is similar to the intersection of Courtney Street and the Regina Bypass (south of Highway 1), which is also a temporary crossing and will be similarly signed.

The Ministry of Highways will continue to operate the Armour Road intersection as a temporary crossing until increased traffic volumes or development make it unsafe or provide an unacceptable level of service.

When that occurs, the Ministry of Highways intend to operate the intersection as a right-in, right-out facility. This will prevent through traffic on Armour Road, and left turns to or from the Bypass.

Please find a link below to the letter that the RM of Sherwood has received from the Ministry of Highways.

Letter from Ministry of Highways