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R. M. of Sherwood No. 159 Staff

Position Name Email Direct Line
Chief Administrative Officer Brad Wiebe bradley@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-9365

Administration & Finance

Position Name Email Direct Line
Manager, Policy & Human Resources Angela Bottcher angela@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-5188
Manager of Administration Christine Trithardt christine@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-5189
Administrative Assistant Tanis Agopsowicz-Hayward tanis@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-9438
Administrative Assistant Trish Wegmann trish@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-9421

Planning & Development

Position Name Email Direct Line
Manager of Planning & Development Brad Wiebe bradley@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-9365
Municipal Planner Luke Brossart planning@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-9414

Public Works & Utilities

Position Name Email Direct Line
Manager of Public Works & Roadways Joe McKay joe@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-9366
Manager of Infrastructure & Utilities Nick Loiselle nick@rmofsherwood.ca 306-985-5205