R. M. of Sherwood No. 159 Staff

PositionNameExtension #
Chief Administrative OfficerBrad Wiebe227
Assistant AdministratorChristine Trithardt235

Administration & Finance

PositionNameExtension #
Director of Finance & AdministrationErin Halliday223
Manager of AdministrationAngela Bottcher225
Administrative AssistantTanis Agopsowicz-Hayward221

Planning & Development

PositionNameExtension #
Manager of Planning & DevelopmentBrad Wiebe227
Municipal PlannerLuke Brossart226
Acting Development OfficerJen Wiebe234

Public Works

PositionNameExtension #
Manager of Public WorksBarry Wiebe229
Acting ForemanJoe McKay
OperatorLarry Young
OperatorMel Penner
OperatorSteve Peter
OperatorAlex Stevenson
OperatorBrendan Doherty