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The RM of Sherwood was established in 1911, and the 1840 Cornwall Street location had been the home of the RM for nearly the majority of the lifetime of the RM.  The Municipal Office is now located at 4400 Campbell Street.

The RM of Sherwood encompasses the City of Regina and includes a variety of industries from farming and manufacturing to tourism. The RM is located in the heart of the prairie farming industry, whereby the majority of the land base in the RM is agricultural land. Heavy clay soils characterize the area as one of the richest farming pockets in the province.

The Wascana Valley, meanders through the RM, and has become an ideal setting for recreation & tourism activities. The RM is home to many outstanding golf courses such as, the Sherwood Forest Golf & Country Club, the Wascana Golf & Country Club, Tor Hill Golf Course, Murray Golf Course, as well as the Paisley Golf Oasis Practice Range.

Adding to the benefits of establishing a business within RM of Sherwood, the Trans-Canada highway runs right through the RM; a bonus for businesses that require reliable and efficient transportation routes. In addition, the Regina International Airport borders the RM, furthering ease of access to transportation for the commercial and industrial business sector. Because of our ideal location, the RM of Sherwood is a prime place to conduct business both domestically and abroad.

wheatThe IPSCO steel mill was notably the largest development in the RM’s history, seeing development begin in the 1950’s. This development is located in the Sherwood Industrial Park (S.I.P.), located north of Regina. In 2008, IPSCO saw a change of ownership, where one of the most successful developments on the Saskatchewan prairie then became known as EVRAZ Inc. North America.

The Sherwood Industrial Park (S.I.P.) is a vibrant, growing, industrial park which includes agricultural implement manufacturers such as Brandt, Sakundiak, Kramer, Degelman and Shaw Pipe. In addition, S.I.P. is home to agricultural dealerships, construction contractors, trucking firms, and environmentally friendly disposal of medical hazardous waste materials.

Another notable industrial development is the Co-op Refinery Complex, located on the north east border of the City of Regina. The Co-op crude oil processing plant remains a progressive development; however the land that the Co-op Refinery is situated on was annexed by the City of Regina in the 1960’s. As part of the key functioning ability of the Co-op Refinery, many pipelines run through the RM. Namely, Enbridge Pipelines, TransCanada Pipelines and Alliance Pipelines, whereby facilitating the movement of crude oil from Northern Alberta southward to Chicago, Illinois, USA.  There are also 4 additional pipelines that run through the RM, Spectra Energy, Cochin Pipeline, TransGas Ltd. and Plains Midstream Canada.

The RM of Sherwood looks to encourage development in many different areas, including industrial, commercial and residential. Because of the RM’s prime location, as well as the outstanding opportunities available for business and residential development, future development in the RM for residents and business owners situated in the RM, will be ideal for those looking to live and work in a place with several amenities available at their fingertips.