Registered Voters List for 2024 Election

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With recent changes that came into effect on January 1, 2024 to The Local Government Election Act, 2015, this updated legislation provides clarity around the use of a registered voters list and entering into agreements with respect to sharing or using a voter registry or voters list.

In November 2023, Council entered into an agreement with Elections Saskatchewan, to establish a Registered Voters List for the 2024 General Election, which will be held on November 13, 2024.

Some advantages to using a Registered Voters List are:

  • Voter Experience: going through the poll will be easier and faster by reducing lineups at the polling place, as registration for every voter would not be required.
  • It allows for an easier way to verify a voter’s identity for alternative voting formats such as mail-in ballot.
  • It serves to protect the integrity of the voting process by ensuring only eligible voters are given access to a ballot and are only able to vote one time.
  • The Registered Voter’s List will be managed by the Returning Officer and any assistants that are appointed.
  • Voters only have to register and manage their information on one registry for both municipal and provincial elections.


Voters are able to update their information (name, address, contact, etc.) at any time through the Elections Saskatchewan’s website and are encouraged to update their information prior to an election event.

Voters are able to register or update their information through the following methods:


If Voters have not registered, ratepayers are still able to vote, you will just need to complete a voter’s registration form.