SARM Plant Health Network

SARM will administer a new Plant Health Network (CAP-PHN) program aimed to provide a human capacity component to support rural municipalities (RM) and First Nations (FNB), south of the Northern Administrative District, dealing with a variety of agricultural crop pest issues throughout the province.

The purpose of the Plant Health Network is to establish human resources in each of SARM’s six Divisions to provide direct support, education, training to RMs, and their municipally appointed officers, as well as FNBs on how best to manage the agricultural crop pests and prohibited and noxious weeds that all landowners are required to manage under The Pest Control Act and The Weed Control Act in Saskatchewan.

For more information on the SARM Plant Health Network, please visit SARM’s website at

Please click here for the Plant Health Network Program Guidelines for more detailed information on the roles and responsibilities of the Plant Health Officers.

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