Fire & Emergency Services

The R.M. of Sherwood’s fire services are provided by the Regina Fire Department (RFD).  As per Bylaw No. 11-01, Fire protection services are offered through an agreement between the R.M. and the City of Regina based upon a yearly fee and subsequent individual emergency response charges after that. 

Residents and business owners must fax a Controlled Burn Notice to the R.M. of Sherwood Public Works Office and the RFD prior to conducting a burn. The RFD consults with received Burn Notices prior to responding to emergency response calls; therefore if you do not send in a Controlled Burn Notice, and the RFD dispatches a unit to the location of your fire because they had no notice that it was a controlled burn, you will be billed for that emergency response call.

Other emergencies within the R.M. are dealt with based on established Emergency Response Plans (ERP).