Heritage Resource Protection and Gravel Source Development in Saskatchewan (For Developers)

Pursuant to The Statements of Provincial Interest Regulations (2012) which were adopted for purposes of The Planning and Development Act (2007), the province has an interest in ensuring Saskatchewan’s culture and heritage resources are protected, conserved and responsibly used.  To assist in meeting the province’s culture and heritage interests, rural municipalities should provide for the protection and conversation of culture and heritage resources within their jurisdictions and minimize, mitigate or avoid adverse development impacts to culture and heritage resources.

Archaeological and palaeontological objects found on lands in Saskatchewan (including privately-owned lands) are deemed to be property of the Crown (s.66.1), and authorization is required to collect, remove, excavate, or otherwise disturb archaeological and palaeontological materials (s.67).  Furthermore, where any activity or development that is likely to result in the alteration, damage or destruction of heritage property, developers may be required to carry out an assessment to determine the effect of their proposed development on heritage sites or undertake other appropriate measures to protect heritage sites (s.63).

Developers should consult the Developer’s Online Screening Tool to determine if a specific legal land location is heritage sensitive.  If the development area is not considered heritage sensitive, the Heritage Conservation Branch has no concerns with the project proceeding.  If the development area is heritage sensitive, the proposed project will need to be reviewed by the Heritage Conservation Branch to determine the need for and scope of Heritage Resource Impact Assessment (HRIA) study.  All HRIA and other required studies must be conducted by qualified personnel under subsisting investigation permits issued by the Heritage Conservation Branch.  The satisfactory completion of these studies is the responsibility of the developer.

Heritage Review Process for Aggregate Developments

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