Annual Vehicle Permit

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Overdimension Route Map


  • via any public roadway(s) within the RM of Sherwood No. 159
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    YearMakeLicense no.Province/StateGross vehicle weight (kg) 
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    1. The permit sticker must be displayed in the front windshield or driver’s door window such that it does not obstruct or interfere with the driver’s vision or view of the road. If the windshield is broken please contact the office for a replacement sticker.
    2. This permit shall not be valid on any road, public or private, other than the municipal roads stated herein.
    3. The truck/tractor and semi/trailer combinations must have a valid registration certificate. The truck/tractor must be registered for over-dimension vehicle weights applicable to the vehicle configuration being used, for this permit to be valid.
    4. This permit is not valid if the vehicles do not meet the Vehicle Equipment Regulations requirements.
    5. The issuing of this permit shall not relieve the holder thereof from responsibility for any damages caused to said roads, or to any public improvement, or to any person or property, by reason of the operations covered by this permit. The holder of this permit agrees that he will so carry out his operations as to cause a minimum of interference with the traffic on the said roads and must also indemnify the Rural Municipality and Department of Highways and Transportation against any claims in connection with traffic accidents which occur as a result of said operations.
    6. No movement of vehicles will be permitted during adverse road and weather conditions. During such conditions an enforcement officer may temporarily void the permit until such time as it is in his opinion, safe to proceed.
    7. Payment of any charge or cost levied or damages arising from the move is due thirty (30) days after the date of the mailing of the bill.
    8. The applicant shall pay and hereby undertakes to pay the municipality on demand such sum as may be required to remedy any damages caused to the said roads, bridges or culverts throughout the operation of the said vehicle or vehicles or in any way arising from the said operations covered by this permit.
    • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the vehicle has adequate insurance coverage and is properly licensed to transport the load specified on the permit. (This permit does not allow for weight in excess of the registered gross vehicle weight of the vehicle.)
    9. This permit shall be valid for any axle, axle group or gross vehicle weight as stipulated below:
    a. Primary permit – up to primary weight of 63,500kg, as per the 2016 Saskatchewan Truckers’ Guide
    b. Over-dimensional permit – exceeds primary weight of 63,500kg
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