Tenders & Bids

2019 Weed Inspector Request for Proposal

The Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 (RM) requires the services of a qualified and experienced WEED INSPECTOR for 2019. The Weed Inspector will work closely with the RM to ensure the weed management plan is followed and monthly reports are completed for Council to review. The successful applicant will be appointed the official Weed Inspector for the RM of Sherwood #159 by Council for the 2019 spring, summer and fall seasons.

The Weed Control Act is provincial legislation that empowers municipalities to enforce the control of prohibited, noxious and nuisance weeds by land owners within the boundaries of the municipality.

RFP Weed Inspector 19-04

2019 Dust Control RFP

The RM of Sherwood #159 is seeking Proposals for the supply and application of a dust suppressant on various gravel roads within the RM of Sherwood #159. The RM has, in the past, used a liquid magnesium chloride formula as a dust suppressant.

Scope of Proposal

The RM will be open to proposals that will provide a dust suppressant that will meet the needs of the RM, be environmentally friendly, provide some type of soil stabilization, be easy to apply, control dust for a long period of time and be within our budget.

This request for proposal (RFP) is for the provision of all labor, materials, tools, equipment and supervision required to supply, transport and apply a dust suppressant on approximately 8400 metres of gravel roads within the RM of Sherwood #159 for 2019 to be known as the “work”. Work will be on an “as needed and when requested” basis agreed to by both parties.

Dust Control RFP – 19-03

2019 Fuel Supply Tender

Awarded to Sherwood Co-operative Association Limited

2019 Gravel Supply & Spreading Tender

Awarded to JJ Trucking

Sherwood Industrial Park
Water Main Extension – Phase 4, 5 & 7

Awarded to Wappel Construction

Request for Proposal
Wascana Creek Erosion along Range Road 2214 Engineering Services Proposal

The Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 (RM) requires engineering services (the consultant) to review the erosion along Wascana Creek valley wall and the side slope of Range Road 2214. The project is located at 50° 31’ 21.6” N, 104° 51’ 15.5” W, see attached map for more details.

2018-03 RFP Wascana Creek Erosion along Rge Rd 2214 Engineering Services

2018 Gravel Supply & Spreading Tender

Awarded to JJ Trucking

2018 Fuel Supply Tender

Awarded to Mazenc Fuels Ltd.

2017 Fuel Tender

Awarded to Sherwood Co-op

2017 Gravel Supply & Spreading

Awarded to Emshay Enterprises

2017 Request for Qualifications for the Construction of SIP Water Treatment Plant and Ancillary Works

Awarded to:
Westridge Construction Ltd.
PCL Construction Management Inc.
Graham Construction
Maple Reinders Inc.
NAC Constructors Ltd.

SIP Water Treatment Plant

Awarded to Graham Construction

Water Main Extension – Phase 1

Awarded to Highway 1 Contracting

Water Main Extension – Phase 2

Awarded to Gee Bee Construction Ltd.