Fire Ban – Extreme High Risk

Fire Ban

The RM of Sherwood has issued a fire ban effectively immediately.  During this time controlled burn notices will not be approved.  Please check our website for updates.

Daily Fire Danger Map

Updated: May 17, 2019
Danger: Extreme High Risk
Fire Danger Map

Controlled Burn:

Residents and business owners must fax a Controlled Burn Notice to the R.M. of Sherwood Public Works Office and the RFD prior to conducting a burn. The RFD consults with received Burn Notices prior to responding to emergency response calls; therefore if you do not send in a Controlled Burn Notice, and the RFD dispatches a unit to the location of your fire because they had no notice that it was a controlled burn, you will be billed for that emergency response call. This will help avoid unnecessary dispatches of firefighting resources to controlled fires.

Remember: It’s Your Fire

Any person who starts an open fire that spreads or is likely to spread is liable for all costs incurred in the suppression or control of the fire.
Best Practices for Open Burning